There is a Masculinity Crisis

Somewhere along the journey,
men have lost their way.

Nowadays everywhere you look there is further mounting evidence of our once sacred manhood eroding away...

...replaced with false ideals of what masculinity is.

This New False Masculinity is Deceptively Toxic

I want you to keep an eye out for it because it often takes on one of two forms:

  • Oppressive tyranny
  • Sheepish cowardice.

You probably know men like this…

Heck you might even be one yourself

Here’s what you need to know…

Men who display either of these characteristics are two sides of the same coin.

overly aggressive tyrant boy/man

...that lives solely to manipulate, seize and wield power.

In his world ambition reigns supreme- subjugating any morality or sense of duty he has.

This boy/man is especially dangerous because he sees everything as a zero-sum game.

Nothing is worth doing unless someone else loses.

His weapons of choice are:

  • Fear
  • Manipulation
  • Power

In recent years we have seen these boy/men plunge the American and World economy into the toilet with their greed.

And though mainstream media likes to paint these boy/men in a favourable light…

They are nothing more than petulant little boys who solely have their own interests in mind

Now counter this with the second manifestation of perverted masculinity…


If you spend time online chances are high you’ve ran across this boy/man as well.

He is the first to:

  • Criticize,
  • Complain, and
  • Condemn

And though he talks a big game (largely in part to the anonymity of the internet)

He is also the first to scurry into a corner and ball-up into the fetal position in the face of danger.

This second type of boy/man is dangerous because he lives in constant fear.

  • Fear of the world around him.
  • Fear of the opinions of others.
  • Fear of failure.
  • And fear of rejection

This is why he rejects everything and everybody else first...

When it’s all said and done this weakling hides behind his keyboard/shield because he is a COWARD.

Cowards are passive-aggressive men who sit on their hands and seeth on the inside. But at some point, they finally breakdown and lash out with undue hatred and violence.

The Tyrant and the Coward seem very different on the surface…

But once you dig a little deeper you will find they are two sides of the same coin.

Underneath every coward, you’ll find a tyrant in waiting.

Now these two manifestations of perverted masculinity are extreme examples along the same spectrum, unfortunately many men nowadays fall somewhere along this spectrum…

Whether they know it or not

Sadly, This Endemic Toxic Masculinity Wreaks Havoc On The World Around It

  • Suicide
  • Violence Towards Women
  • Depression
  • Rape
  • Alcoholism
  • Self Harm
  • Drug Abuse
  • Heart Disease
  • Gang Violence
  • Cancer

All symptoms stemming from this perverse brand of manhood.



Something IS

very, very wrong

WTF is going on here?

Some people blame music.

Some people blame the media.

Some people blame religion,



The boogey-man,


Or they say it’s a lack of:

Role models,

Common sense,

Family values,

Government spending

or a lack of Jesus.

and though they are all good guesses, the truth is the real reason masculinity has fallen into a state of chaos is because...

OUr kings are

If that sounds strange… Stay with me for a second.

When I say our Kings are dead...

I’m not talking about long-standing Monarchs who frequently grace the cover of gossip rags.

In this instance the KINGS I’m referring to are our inner rulers.

According to the late Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (creator of Briggs Myers Personality Types)

Every man has the right to “Individuate

Or in other words, part of your divine purpose is to become the best of everything you need to be.

If you are still reading this, chances are you’ve already started on your path towards individuation.

If you’re still reading this chances are you’ve dedicated yourself to improving yourself physically, mentally, financially and spiritually

or in other words, developing your Warrior, Magician, Lover and KING

  • When you are being Purposeful, Devoted, Decisive and Disciplined; you are becoming the best “Warrior” you can be.
  • When you are being Objective, Wise, Intuitive and Intelligent; you are becoming the best “Magician” you can be.
  • When you are being Compassionate, Sensitive, Sensual and Sexual; you are becoming the best “Lover” you can be.
  • When you are being Creative, Generous, Authoritative and Hopeful for the future; you are becoming the best “King” you can be.

And according to Robert Moore PhD, these four primary “archetypes” work together to help you “Individuate”...

and become the best of everything you need to be.

Up until recently, boys were led into individuation through something called ritual initiation.

A ceremony of sorts, led by the male elders to test and usher a boy into manhood.

Greeks had a ritual initiation known as the Dokimasia. An interview held by an assembly of local representatives to determine whether a young man had developed the physical and mental faculties to become a contributing member of society. If he passed he was then deemed worthy of owning land, fighting for his country and voting.

The Native Americans had vision quest, where a young man ventures out into the woods, completely forgoes food and water for 3-4 days and uses that time to pray to the spirits that they may have a vision – one that will help them find their purpose in life, their role in community, and how they may best serve the people.

And these are just two of thousands of examples…

Up until recently, every civilization around the world has had some sort of ritual to deem their boys worthy of the honor of manhood.

For they wisely understood without this, boys would be left to their own devices to figure out what it means to be a man on their own.

Increasing the likelihood of missing the deep significance of manhood to society and eventually perverting masculinity into the joke it is today.


Here’s How I Became A King In
Exactly 8 Short Months

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are one of the over 2.5 million subscribers to my YouTube channels…

… but in case you’ve never heard of me, here is a quick synopsis on Elliott Hulse.

A few short years ago I was a broke father of four – in over $240,000 in debt (not including student loans).

My fitness training business, which I started out of the back of my 1988 Ford van, was failing fast...

In other words I was struggling – BIG TIME.

But, in 2007 I began making YouTube videos about my fitness training methods and giving life advice to young men…

...and within less than five years from the day I did, I was awarded YouTube Fan’s Favorite Fitness Celebrity by none other than

Truth is I became more famous, more wealthy and more powerful than I could have ever imagined.

But my success was a double-edged sword, it came with more pressure than I knew how to handle and eventually I could bare it no more--

So I shut everything down

I shut down my YouTube channels,

I shut down my gym, Strength Camp,

I Went Into Deep Silence

...and I put myself into solitary confinement for eight months.

And just like Neo in the Matrix, I was given a choice…

Do I dig deeper into the mysteries of my masculine power and discover The Truth?

Or keep playing dumb by letting the world define who I was?

I took the “red pill” – truth.

For as long as I can remember I have always been led by my inner Warrior.

When I played highschool football... I was a Warrior

When I competed in professional Strongman... I was a Warrior

And when I set out to build my business, my family and my life... I did it as a Warrior.

For years I approached each day as yet another battle, fraught with physical, mental and emotional struggle.

And like many men dominated by their inner Warriors, I won these battles through single minded determination, sheer grit and indomitable will.

But it came at a consequence…

Sure I kicked ass and took names but this imbalanced approach began to wreak havoc on other areas of my life.

When you approach each day ready to fight, eventually you get blinded with bloodlust.

Everything you do becomes about winning...

and somewhere along the line you forget why you were fighting in the first place.

And once I lost sight of my mission…

Slowly but surely the enthusiasm I once held for life got lost along with it

Soon I found myself simply going through the motions.

I was battleworn

  • My thirst for life dried-up
  • My relationships with friends and family began to falter
  • And for the first time in my life...
  • My body started to give up on me as well.

Something had to change

If I continued along the same path, it was only a matter of time before I'd make a horrible mess of my life.

I can’t tell you the number of times, I’ve seen other guys ignore the warning signs, only to find themselves weeping uncontrollably when they couldn’t handle it anymore.

I didn’t want that to EVER happen

So I channeled my inner warrior, one last time…

but this time it wasn’t to do battle...

this time my warrior had one specific order

Kneel down in submission and yield to the other parts of my true Self.

Was it easy?

Hell no.

You’ve got to remember, being a warrior is all I’ve known for years.

He has served me in my most trying times and the thought of sitting him down was completely, terrifying.

But for the sake of my health, business and loved ones – it had to be done. My warrior had carried the burden for too long, it was time for him to rest.

For the next few months I dedicated myself to applying works of great men from all walks of life. I studied and applied wisdom from poets, artists, practitioners, philosophers, shamans, and spiritual leaders, name it

In other words, I soaked up and applied wisdom from hundreds of other brilliant men who've journeyed to the center of their kingdoms to restore life balance.

And with daily ritual, it soon became easy to allow other aspects of my masculinity to grow stronger.

My inner Lover went to work reigniting my relationship with my wife and children

My inner Magician found solace in prayer and meditation

For the first time, in a very long time…

I began to see things clearly again.

I had a new perspective...

A new sense of clarity and a newfound ability to make wiser decisions for myself with the discernment of my inner KING.

In what seemed like a few pivotal months my life completely changed.

Who would have known, by laying down my sword...

  • More clarity of purpose and vision
  • More energy for work, exercise and play
  • More time for reading, thinking and meditating
  • More intimacy with lovers and loved ones
  • Better “big picture” planning and goal achievement
  • Better posture, core strength and performance
  • Better intelligence, intuition and wisdom
  • Better sex, attraction and charisma
  • Stronger authority and integrity
  • Stronger discipline and devotion to your purpose
  • Stronger meditation and spiritual practice
  • Stronger sensuality and sexual performance

...and with your new found strength you'll be more fit to:

  • Empower others through generosity and creativity
  • Empower others to believe in themselves and take action
  • Empower others through listening and mindful communication
  • Empower your woman to be everything she wants be – by introducing her to the new, stronger version of youself.

Robert Moore PhD has said, “You’ll never find a flabby warrior.”

This section of the KING manual is all about “Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself” physically.

In the pages of Warrior section you will see how I’ve approached training over the length of my strength training career to deadlift over 700b and run a 4.3 second 40 yard dash, as well as my new approach to training to look and feel your best without running yourself into the ground.

In this section, I’ve also gone ahead and recruited the help of one of the best Strength coaches I’ve had the pleasure of knowing: Chris Barnard.

Chris is a great example of a technically proficient and enthusiastic strength coach with a seemingly endless array of innovative ideas of what it takes to “Become The Strongest Version of Yourself”

What I’ve seen him do with the athletes that have walked through the doors of the Strength Camp gym has been nothing short of incredible.

I know this because he was one of my early students, and head coach at Strength Camp.

In this section you will discover…

  • Why strength training is essential for everyone, even if you’re not an athlete or have never stepped foot inside a gym.
  • How poor posture not only looks bad; it can wreak havoc on your internal health and even destroy your mindset.
  • How to avoid the horrible mistake of building the WRONG muscles first. -- This common mistake causes 99% of people in the gym to never get the body they want.
  • Why stronger muscles help you melt body fat quickly, but too much muscle can actually destroy performance and aesthetics.
  • A common “reverse breathing” disorder which destroys posture, causes hormonal stress and ruins SEX DRIVE; and how to easily fix it at home in less than five minutes a day.
  • How to manipulate your training routine to help you stand taller, look better and carry yourself with balanced confidence.
  • Why certain “famous” bodybuilding routines can actually make you look and feel WORSE.
  • The truth about pre-workout static stretching, and why the so-called “experts” are just dead wrong when they say you shouldn’t do it.
  • The four different types of strength, and which one you’ll need to develop as a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter.
  • The only 7 movements you ever need to build your most attractive and high-performance body ever.
  • How to finally build hard, attractive muscles even if you’re naturally skinny or a “hard gainer”.
  • The most commonly over-developed muscles that cause muscle imbalances, ugly posture and pain.
  • 4 “Power Centers” which must be addressed to build a strong and stable body that can survive any physical challenge.
  • How your entire structural framework, muscles and skeletal systems work together as one integrated system; and how to train your neural network that ties it all together.
  • The Structure, Strength, Speed and Silence method of periodization for balancing your posture, performance and brain.
  • Why “structural integrity” is the most important kind of strength to build... but almost no one in your gym even knows about it.
  • Why small muscle imbalances, such as rounded shoulders caused by poor posture sends a ripple of disturbances through your whole body - even your organs and brain suffer.
  • How to avoid the inevitable “burn out” which slows down gains, by tracking a simple biological marker once per day.
  • Quickly discover the “weak links” in your muscular gains and simple corrective exercises to fix them. -- Almost everyone I’ve ever trained has had these weak links when they first came to me.
  • The “counter balance” muscle building secret for constructing an attractive and pain-free physique.
  • A simple test to determine if your nervous system is “firing” properly, and where to find immediate help if it's not.
  • Use my favorite "Inner and Outer Unit" exercises for super strong and sexy abdominals.
  • The surprising connection between the muscles of your head and those of your low back and hips, which cause excruciating back pain..
  • Which muscles you should stretch FIRST, before every workout; and which muscles you should never stretch.
  • The truth about overtraining, and a simple test to see if you’re over-doing it. This is the BIGGEST problem I’ve seen in young Warriors who lift.
  • A breakthrough solution for overcoming strength plateaus, which keeps you growing stronger -- well into middle and older age.
  • Why your brain may be keeping some of your muscles tight and painful, while other muscles weak and soft -- and the simple programming step you can take to fix it.
  • The single best method for flattening your belly and building a powerful core. Just because someone has 6-pack abs does NOT mean their core is strong or functional.
  • ... and much more.

Your Inner Magician has primal knowledge about your biological rhythms and physiological processes.

When we tap into the wisdom of our bodies and align our diet and lifestyles with nature, we bring healing and proficiency to all of our bodily systems.

In this section you will DISCOVER…

  • Put an end to diet confusion once and for all; Finally discover the balanced diet that works with your unique bio-chemical make up.
  • Exactly what percentage of fats, carbs and proteins you need to eat to look great and perform at your best; mentally and physically.
  • Simple steps to balance your diet from meal to meal, to keep your metabolism functioning at it’s best for fat loss, muscle building and endless energy.
  • The real reason “one-size-fits-all” diets work at first, but then quickly backfire into diminishing results.
  • The one best way to determine what foods you should eat every day, and what “healthy” foods you should avoid like the plague.
  • The surprising reason most calorie-cutting diets don’t work, and how eating more calories may actually cause you to burn more fat.
  • The fallacy of “processed foods” and why even our ancestors used food processing to INCREASE the nutritional value of their foods.
  • Why you should always be tracking your meals and results; and my favorite smartphone app for keeping tabs on my health.
  • Why the first four to six weeks of any diet is the most important, and how to keep getting results long after the initial “easy loss” phase.
  • How to save on your shopping bill, but still get all of the right foods for you.
  • How to set up your meal schedule by planning, preparing and packaging your meals ahead of time.
  • The truth about organic fruits, veggies and meat vs conventionally farmed and raised ones.
  • How the look and smell of your poop can determine how well you’re digesting and utilizing the foods you eat.
  • How much water you need to drink every day to keep your digestive system healthy, your energy levels high and stress levels low.
  • When the best time to drink water every day is, and when drinking more water is actually detrimental to your gains.
  • How to sharply reduce stress and risk for injury by hydrating with “high performance” PH water.
  • The only two “alive supplements” you’ll ever need for better digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • The easiest way to establish good “chemistry” within, by drinking properly balanced water. This creates the difference between weak connective tissue and long lasting strength.
  • My “secret weapon” against mineral deficiency; which helps you sleep better, increases sex drive and speeds recovery.
  • Interesting new evidence about a hormone in our food, water and packaging that is the major cause of male infertility, "man boobs", and loss of libido.
  • What everyone who uses shampoo, body wash and toothpaste needs to know; and how these common bath products may lower sperm count and decrease performance.
  • Key strategies for getting better sleep at night to increase anabolic hormones, sex drive and mental sharpness.
  • How to “reactivate” your natural biological sleeping rhythms so that you never suffer from insomnia again.
  • Sure way to get restful sleep and wake up every morning with more energy than if you drank three cups of coffee.
  • Breakthrough solutions for “seasonal affective disorder” (avoid low energy, low libido and depression) by working WITH the seasons, rather than against it.
  • A “almost magic” method for listening to your body and designing your lifestyle around health, joy and pleasure.
  • … and much more.

Whether you are wanting to attract wealth, success or sex – the state of your energy, and emotions are going to have a grand impact on the results.

Unfortunately, most men today are severely cut off from our feelings, emotions and intuition – robbing us of sensual pleasure and the wisdom of the body.

Sexual repression, injury to heart-felt feelings, fear of rejection, lack of meaningful intimacy or compassion has left men cut off from our hearts and our balls.

Since life's experience through relationships a balanced inner Lover will attract the perfect partners, friends and lovers into your life.

In this section you will discover…

  • The truth about mind-body exercises, and how most people do it wrong.
  • How to use simple “subtle-body” exercises that strengthen the connection between your mind and your muscles.
  • Why you must train your body if you want a sharper, more intelligent and intuitive mind.
  • Surprising new research that shows how mental and emotional trauma can be released through exercise, movement and deep breathing (EVERYONE has trauma, whether you know it or not).
  • The demystifying truth about your brain: You have THREE distinct brains in your head, each designed with a special intelligence to help you evolve and prosper.
  • A weird (but effective) way to eliminate stress and increase energy with just 5 minutes a day.
  • The most interesting fact about your “gut instincts” and how your body knows what’s best for you, even when “you” are not sure.
  • The one best way to meditate when you are feeling anxious, ungrounded or upset.
  • Why most men miss out on the FULL sexual experience-- what you don’t know about focus, deep breathing, and sexual orgasms.
  • How to get into the ancient sex-energy practice of Tai Chi, Yoga and Tantra.
  • How any man can get what he wants so long as his Head, Heart and Balls are in alignment.
  • How to understand, respond and attract abundance with “heart vibrations”; scientific evidence that the heart sends powerful electromagnetic waves which attract like a magnet.
  • How to “shrink” negative emotions (fear, anger, jealousy, etc) which hinder our ability to think clearly by partially cutting of higher brain functions.
  • Why the pharmaceutical industry would shut down tomorrow if everyone knew the truth about depression, anxiety and disease.
  • What it means for your sex-life if you have shallow, stifled breathing habits.
  • Everything you wanted to know about Bioenergetics, Dynamic Meditation and “breathing into your balls”.
  • Why non-linear movements and exercise reduces stress and increases energy more than most traditional medicine solutions.
  • The real reason muscular tension and blocks arise in the body and how meditation opens "the chakras".
  • Achieve "Orgasmic Wholeness"
  • How to surrender to waves of feeling, whether sexual or emotional.
  • Improve your capacity to give and receive energy.
  • Gracefully flow into oneself and flow out toward the world by creating "energetic streaming" and connectedness in every part of your body.
  • How the “charge and discharge cycle” of deep breathing and energetic release activates a deep biological response that reconnects us with the orgasmic roots into life itself.
  • Loosen up old fixed patterns of muscular tension and control.
  • Enhance your sense of wholeness and integration.
  • Celebrate a deep feeling of ALIVENESS.
  • Experience the full spectrum of human energy and bliss.
  • Key strategies that create deep physical and mental freedom by relaxing the ego.
  • How to discover and live your "inner vision" and life's purpose through the world of image, symbol, dream and myth.
  • Work with your inner vision to open anew an ancient, mysterious, and potent world, different from the familiar world of everyday life. A world of images, archetypes, visions and raw power.
  • In this section you will also find a comprehensive discussion on the significance of finding and working with your inner Warrior, Magician, Lover and King.
  • Plus much more…

According to Robert Moore PhD, “The two main functions of your inner king are to provide order, and foster creativity”.

The King decides what’s important and designs his kingdom around it.

The King also “sacrifices” himself in order to support others on their journeys. He gives to others knowing that we are all One.

The King ties together our mission, “To become the strongest version of ourselves, and empower others.”

When your inner king reigns supreme, your life will feel complete.

In this section you will discover…

  • How to clearly define your purpose in life.
  • How to chart your vision, and how to structure your life around it.
  • How to elect your core values, which determine who you’ll become in life.
  • The truth about your legacy (HINT: you are creating it now - like it or not).
  • Why without good health, nothing else matters -- ever.
  • The truth about work, career, vocation and your true calling in life.
  • Why your relationships are the best indicator of whether you are a king yet – or not.
  • How to rewire your brain for greatness.
  • How to transmute negative thoughts, and use their power for good.
  • How to use “The Hero’s Journey” model to gain clarity while you dominate your path.
  • How to spot your REAL “Call to adventure” -- out of other false distractions.
  • How to navigate the “road of trials”, which precedes every successful persons climb.
  • The truth about temptation, and what it reveals about your character.
  • Gain the freedom to live as you’ve always wished.
  • Why men today are suffering because of lack of “rights of passage.”
  • What it means to be initiated into manhood.
  • The truth about sacred rituals.
  • How to identify the right elders (or mentors) for your personal growth.
  • Why everyone needs a sacred space to learn, grow and develop in solitude.
  • A serious look at modern day “initiation for men” -- the good, the bad… and the hopeful. When modern men become kings, we can’t help but want good for our young people.
  • Kings create order by blessing others...

As a SPECIAL launch bonus, I’ve also decided to include along with your order today…

A brand new, never seen before 10 volume video program titled Crown Yourself Blueprint.

Inside Crown Yourself Blueprint you will discover:

  • Your evolutionary stages of growth and why feeling “stuck” is absolutely necessary to ascend to the “Strongest Version of Yourself”
  • The key elements of your personal journey that allow you to write your own life story… imagine taking control of your destiny as opposed to being a slave to other people's expectations of you.
  • Why coincidences are rarely coincidences and how to recognize patterns in your life guiding you towards your true calling.
  • How to know it’s time for YOU to evolve.
  • How to determine which of your core values drive you on a deeper instinctual level… and why things other people get excited about bore you.
  • How to identify what your life’s purpose is at a given moment… head’s up this changes frequently and the key to living a fulfilled life is your ability to adapt with it
  • How to recognize the role your friends, family and co-workers have assigned for you... and choose whether to accept or reject it.
  • How to finally single-out the subconscious beliefs, keeping you from ascending to your highest potential.
  • Why death and resurrection are pivotal elements of your personal growth… and how to foster them when it’s time.
  • How to remove the unnecessary stressors from your everyday life... the same stressors keeping your life stale and stagnant… once you do this you will feel invigorated with waves of boundless new energy and passion for living.
  • And much, much more

As you can see, KING and everything else that comes with it gives you a behind the curtains breakdown of everything I’ve done to reap success physically financially, spiritually and mentally but...

I must warn you…

it isn’t for everyone.

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

Spider Man once said with great power comes great responsibility- so here’s the question

Are YOU ready to lead?

Once you invest in KING and practice your daily Initiation Rituals your old way of life will cease to exist.

Your evolution will be quick and effortless...

In little to no time you will notice people responding to you differently.

Your new found confidence will act as a honing beacon, drawing others closer and closer towards you.

But be warned, things may feel uncomfortable at first.

Maybe this is the first time friends, family members and strangers look to you for direction.

Maybe this is the first time people who once snubbed their noses at you, show you respect because you are the kind of man who commands it.

Either way...

If what I am telling you seems heavy, know this.

Weather the storm and adjust to it...

Because it’ll all be worth it.

Know this, with this new way of life you are guaranteed more...

More success

More pleasure

And more excitement for the world about you.

As a special launch bonus, I’ve gone ahead and included the Crown Yourself home video course and a 14-day complimentary trial to the KING Initiation companion course.

Earlier on I spoke about my personal approach to evolution, taking and applying one singular lesson from a wise KING, Warrior, Magician or Lover each week and applying it to my life.

In KING's Initiation, I take you through that exact same process by delivering one singular lesson you can apply and MASTER every single week.

Each lesson builds on another and is made easy enough so you can apply it without feeling overwhelmed.

And the best part of this whole process is it’s seamless

Chances are at first you may not EVEN notice it at first, you are going about your normal day as you regularly would but all you are doing is practicing one thing differently

Within a matter of weeks or months, these lessons compound

And their impact becomes tremendous.

So great in fact that lifetime friends and family members will start asking “Who the hell is this guy?”

You will get access to this and more for 14 days at no cost, and if you choose to stay-on do nothing. your monthly tuition to KING Initiation will automatically be processed and locked in at it’s lowest price $27. This is 75% off what we will offer it for after this launch. You can cancel at anytime

Sound fair?


special digital launch price $27

My Triple Guarantee

As testament to the value of KING, I’ve gone ahead and included my triple guarantee with your order of the book.

When you invest in KING today, you can rest assured knowing that it can be returned anytime within the first 60 days of purchase with a 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason whatsoever you find KING isn’t what you are looking for within the first 60 days, simply mail me back the book and shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will refund your entire purchase.

Heck, even if you don’t like the font within the book, just send it back within 60 days and I’ll instantly refund your entire investment.

We are in pivotal times for masculine evolution.

Men are silently suffering

We want more out of life

More love

More purpose

More clarity

More drive

More relationship

More money

More freedom

More sex

More understanding

And up until recently, we didn’t know how

KING is the step-by-step blueprint to having everything you want out of life. The lessons inside have worked for me and countless thousands of other men who have ascended into Kingship.

But like all good things, it will NOT be available forever.

So, you have a choice to make, will you continue ignoring the warning signs until one day it catches up with you

Or will you do the wise thing, step to the plate and do something about it.

Here is your chance to crown yourself…

Become your own KING

And finally build the legacy you know you are capable of

This new wave of KINGS deserves action takers, will you be one?

If not leave this page now.

No, I’m not kidding

I don’t want to waste my time or any copies of this book on weaklings, because nothing ever works for them and then they have the nerve to be resentful of others who do step up and get what they want out of life.

PS - As we speak there are hundreds of other guys taking the necessary step to ensure their life plays out exactly how they want it to. They understand Kingship is about acting decisively and bolding claiming what is yours.

Will you join them or stay here on the outside, wallowing in mediocrity while we celebrate our victories on the other side?

Press the button now, your future KING awaits.

PPS - The world needs more Kings, claim what is rightfully yours

special digital launch price $27